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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My inkjet cartridge prints have gaps, are streaking, or certain color(s) are not printing. Help!

A: You need to do a print head cleaning. For most printers, the head cleaning function is located in the settings or maintenance menu. Note, it is safe to do head cleaning multiple times in a row until prints improve.
Q: My black & white laser printer is making light prints and/or has streaks on the page. Help!
A: Light printing and page streaking can be caused by multiple factors. Please call us at the store at (972) 423-4940 and we will help assess your issue and offer suggestions.
Q: I’m a CEO / Operations Manager / IT Manager at a company and I’m interested in your business programs. What can you offer our company?
A: We currently work with every size business from home-office startups to Fortune 500 companies. We can work with you to tailor a perfect program for your business and save you 40-70% over buying at the “big box” stores. Call us (972) 423-4940
Q: I installed a new Brother compatible cartridge from Great Cartridge but my Brother printer still thinks I have the old cartridge in the printer. Help!
A: This is a known issue with Brother printers. Occasionally their logic boards get confused about when a toner has been replaced. It happens with Brother-brand toner as well. There is an easy reset code, depending on your printer model. Please call us at (972) 423-4940 for help with the reset code.